Into Film Best of the Fest



Thank you for taking part in our vote for the best film of the Into Film Festival! Please complete your vote below for the chance to win £200 of cinema vouchers for your school.


Please only fill in one form per film. If you've watched more than one film at the Into Film Festival, please fill in separate forms for each film you've seen.

Voting closes at 2pm on Thursday 22 November.



Please select one film you have seen at the festival. You can type the answer to find a film instead of having to scroll through!
10 means that the film was amazing - the best film ever. 1 means that the film was bad - you didn't like it at all.
If you want, you can let us know what you thought about the film more generally - eg.: what was your favourite bit? What was your least favourite?
Please let us know the cinema name and city where you watched the film.If you'd prefer not to say, leave this box blank.
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